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Impington Village College Model Aeroplane Club was formed over 70 years ago in 1946 by the then art master, the late Ray Malmström. We have enjoyed an uninterrupted presence at the college for all this time.

We meet every week at the college, just North of Cambridge at 7pm.  In summer flying takes place on Friday evenings on the sports field and in winter indoor flying takes place on Thursday evenings in the Gym. 

We also meet on regular Saturday afternoons for indoor flying in the larger hall at the IVC Sports Centre.  Outdoors (all year round) we fly electric and i/c powered radio and control line models when the weather is fine - see where we fly and the events calendar for info. 

We fly almost every type of model aircraft - built from plans, kits, ready made and our own designs.  Indoors we fly rubber powered models and radio control.  Outdoors we fly freeflight rubber powered models and gliders, radio and control line.  We welcome all modellers no matter what they build or fly.  Come along sometime and see for yourself!  If you want any more information look at our Newsletters or videos on YouTube (search for IVCMAC or click here) or to join the club, please contact us

Our flying sites

We have 2 flying sites.  For more details please click here

For information about joining the club, membership fees or renewing your membership please click here

Flying Safety

We take safety very seriously and all flying is in accordance with the BMFA Handbook.  The following additional guidelines apply to specific activities

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